Secondary School Leadership & Teambuilding Programmes

This module is designed to prepare students for working in an adult environment and prepares youths to manage time, work as a team and set goals. Students also get the opportunity to express themselves in front of a group by making a presentation. Icebreakers and energisers are followed by a series of fun team tasks and challenges


Teambuilding Bonding Through Outdoor Activities

An ideal way for 1st years to integrate as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. A typical School Bonding Day includes : 

- Ice-Breakers putting everyone at ease with lots of laughs.

- Fun Team Tasks where students work together to achieve a goal.

- Jungle Quest Adventure Course a team challenge where participation, support and trust is encouraged amongst the group.

During the day teams are mixed up regularly to encourage pupils to interact with each other developing social and interpersonal skills while enjoying a great day in the outdoors.



Price: €40 per person Time: 10am - 4pm All Ages / Numbers: 12 - 80 

An orienteering module can be integrated into a 1st year programme. This is an excellent planning and learning session for students which includes • Identification of symbols • Recognition of physical features • Map orientation • Map memory • Time management. 


Leaving Cert Applied - Teambuilding

Price: €40 per person Time: 10am - 4pm

In line with the LCA syllabus our teambuilding session sets out to recognise the talents of the participants and our aim is that the students will leave Oysterhaven with a sense of personal achivement. A typical LCA day in Oysterhaven includes Team Tasks & Exercises, Jungle Quest Adventure Course and a Kayaking Session. We can also work with you to tailor a programme to your specific needs.