Summer Camp Bookings now open!



  1. The applicant is water confident, mentally and physically fit to take part in the activities. 
  2. The applicant is willing to comply with all safety regulations.
  3. The Oysterhaven Centre reserves the right to alter or cancel activities.
  4. The Oysterhaven Centre takes every precaution for the safety and well being of its customers. Course participants are reminded that there is a level of risk inherent in wall watersports and land-based adventure challenges for which they are responsible. 
  5. The Oysterhaven Centre reserves the right to alter or cancel programmes as it deems necessary. In the event of a cancellation an alternative programme will be offered or a refund will be made. 
  6. At the end of summer camp weeks each participant receives a certificate with a photo of their group. We are happy to make originals of these and other photos available to you online. We may also use photos taken duriing the week for publicity. If you would prefer that we do not use photos of your child please advise.

All Activity Bookings

  1. I accept full responsibility for ensuring return to the launching point.
  2. I do not suffer from any medical conditions which may pose a risk to my safety in this activity. - If yes please specify. 
  3. I accept full responsibility for ensuring the equipment is complete and seaworthy before launching ref. Kit Hire
  4. I accept responsibility for any damage caused to the equipment during the time it is hired in my name and I will be responsible for the cost of repair. ref. Kit Hire
  5. I agree to abide by prevailing rental procedure guidelines (outlined at reception and on the slipway) ref. Kit Hire
  6. I agree to arrive at the agreed time and adhere to the protocol in place.
  7. I acknowledge that the on-site rescue crafts are available for emergency situations only
  8. I understand that all craft operated by Oysterhaven Marine Ltd. trading as The Oysterhaven Centre are insured against injury, accident and third-party liability. I further understand that Personal Insurance against injury, accident or loss whilst  on activities is the responsibility of the client. No responsibility is accepted by Oysterhaven Marine Ltd. its proprietors or instructors, for any injury, accident, damage or loss to a client’s property or person however caused.


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