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Environment & Sustainability


Oysterhaven Centre Plastic Free Policy

“At Oysterhaven we are attempting to eliminate the unnecessary and wasteful use of “single use” plastics. In doing so we hope to raise awareness among our clients - particularly the many school children who attend the Centre, with the aim of encouraging them to create a sustainable environment”.

- Kate and Oliver Hart, Owners.



Mission statement: ‘We are committed to reducing our plastic footprint and to raising awareness about plastic pollution and plastic solutions with our clients’

Vision: Oysterhaven Bay provides a pristine natural environment for clients of the centre and the cottages to enjoy, learn from and be inspired by during their stay and beyond. Our leadership and care for the natural environment empowers our clients to take positive steps to reduce plastic pollution during their stay and in their own lives.



Why we care?

Our centre is located in the beautiful and tranquil surrounds of Oysterhaven bay. The bay is our workplace and our playground - we literally couldn’t exist without its seascapes, beaches and waterways. Over the years we have seen the impact of human beings on the bay intensify, with an alarming increase in the amount of marine litter being washed up along the shore. The tide and the river bring a never ending stream of plastic pollution and we are determined to play our part is stemming this flow. A pristine environment is good for our business, for our clients and for the plants and animals that share the bay with us.


What we will do

This Plastic Free Policy sets out the steps we will take to reduce and then end the use of single use plastics in the centre, to reduce the waste we produce and to maximise recycling. It also sets out our commitment through awareness raising and education delivered in the outdoors, to inspire and empower our clients to play their part in reducing plastic pollution.


i) Going plastic free through our operations

Encourage all school, corporate and summer camp clients to bring reusable water bottles and keep cups for coffee and tea

Encourage clients to avoid single use plastics in packed lunches (e.g. plastic cutlery, cling film, excess plastic packaging)

Provide water fountains for clients to refill their water bottles (register with

Provide recycling facilities for glass, hard, dry clean plastic and mineral cans.

Make the centre a plastic straw free zone


ii) Communicating our Plastic Free policy

Include information about our plastic free policy on our website (for cottages and centre) and in emails and printed materials sent to clients (schools email, corporate info and summer camp parents)

Implement a communications strategy (social media in particular) to raise awareness of our Plastic Free Policy


iii) Awareness raising and education 

Train our staff as ambassadors and implementers of our plastic free policy

Raise awareness about recycling and plastic free alternatives during lunch and food breaks

Integrate information about our Plastic Free Policy into our safety briefings

Incorporate awareness raising and plastic solutions into our outdoor activities with all clients

Hold competitions with schools to engage them actively with our plastic free policy before, during and after their visit

Create a ‘plastic pollution’ sculptor in the centre to highlight the centre’s commitment to plastic free    

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