Team Activity Events


Team Initiatives

Bobsled Bonanza

Mission Impossible

Final Countdown

Group size: 12 - 40 Duration : 1.5 hrs

NASA is searching for a team of astro-engineers to lead its next top-secret space expedition.

Each team member has a vital part to play as they face challenges that will test intellect, physical prowess & team cohesion. The countdown is set & competition for selection is fierce! Will you be first team to launch your rocket & be on your way to the moon?


Team Initiatives

Suitable group size: 8 - 24 Duration: 1 - 1.5 hour

Put your team’ creativity and ingenuity to the test as you face a variety of fun challenges. Thinking big & ‘outside the square’ will stand you in good stead as all elements of team work are explored. Share in the brainstorming, the planning, the designing & the success - find out what makes your team tick!


Bobsleigh Bonanza

Suitable group size: 10 - 100 Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Internationally renowned engineers have gathered at the site of the next winter Olympics to plan, construct and test their bobsled courses. A flurry of pipes, bamboo, flags & engineering egos combine to provide an engaging construction event. Experience the thrills, spills & ecstatic joy as teams test-run their high speed bobsleds.


Mission Impossible

Group size: 16 - 32 Duration: 1.5 hrs

The Oysterhaven Centre’ is in grave danger. Rebel forces have ‘booby-trapped’ the entire compound & have it wired to powerful explosives - time is running out! Your team of highly trained ‘field agents’ need to muster all their expertise to track down the perpetrators and save the centre from total obliteration.