Krazy Games Team Tasks

Suitable group size: 12 - 32 Duration: 1 hour On-site option only

Brace yourselves for a flurry of action as teams compete for gold in our mad-hatter events. Competition is fierce as ‘athletes’ vy for the fame & glory of winning gold! But be prepared - expect the unexpected!


Jungle Quest

Group size: 12 - 100 Duration: 1 - 2 hrs

Embark on a real adventure - a quest into the jungle. Follow our challenge course through & over bog & water, sharing in the fun, competition, laughs and mud!!



Group size: 4 - 12 Duration: 1 hr

Bring together your band of merry men (or women) and find out who the real ‘Robin Hood’ or ‘Maid Marion’ is by taking up bow & arrow in our very own Sherwood Forest. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional you’ll enjoy the skill & ‘merriment’ involved in our unique archery setting.


Aqua Fun

Group size: 10 - 35 Duration: 1 hr

Take a leisurely paddle out across the scenic Oysterhaven Bay before returning home to hilarious water-polo session where balls, boats & paddles are thrown together for a fun & competitive end to a great day!


Wet 'n' Wild

Group size: 25 - 100 Duration: 1 - 1.5 hrs

A wet & wild session in the Oysterhaven bay. Teams race in our white water rafts, face challenges in the double quest kayaks & go for goals in our fast & furious kayak polo. An energy buzzing competitive way to finish your day on a high!