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Improving Skills 2 Weeks - 13yrs +

From €450 / person
2 weeks
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From €450 / person
2 Weeks
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Advance your sailing skills during this action packed week! Feel the thrill of sailing in a range of wind conditions, roll tacking, gybing and learning to sail your boat backwards or without a rudder! An important foundation for more advanced courses.

2021 Sailing Camp Times 9:30am - 3:30pm

Swimming Togs & Towel 

Old shoes to wear on the water - runners will be fine!

Wetsuit - if you have one ! We do encourage participants to come wearing wetsuits if they their own

Bag to take home wet gear

Fleece / Hoodies 

Lunch & Water  


Hand Sanitiser

All Summer Camp participants will be issued with a wetsuit on Monday morning for the week so will be taking it home with them each day. The wetsuit will be returned and signed in after the final session on Friday afternoon - remember to bring bag to take wetsuit home in. 

Use of Mobile Phones is not allowed during Summer Camps and we do not have a facility for safe keeping, so we recommend that phones are left at home. If you need to contact your child please call the office and we shall deliver the message. 

Checklick is an online assessment tool that Irish Sailing use so we can monitor the participants as they progress through the levels. Your child should already account and an email would have been sent to you with your log in details. The standard password set is the participants birthday yearmonthdate. Their account will be updated on a Wednesday and Friday so you can track their progress. If you have any issues logging in please let us know.

We are following Irish Sailing / Sport Ireland Guidelines and continue to implement measures to mitigate potential risks.

In order to mitigate potential risks the following measures are in place:

Pre arrival Covid-19 Health Declaration and Symptom Checker - completed and return for all school tour participants 

Hand washing on arrival 

Practicing social distancing on site - social distancing while on the land and avoiding close contact while on the water. 

Staggered Use of Changing Rooms with number restrictions to facilitate social distancing 

Sanitising all equipment after use

Regular documented sanitising of toilet facilities (plus disinfectant provided)

Avoiding close contact while on activities wherever practicable

Undertaking by participants to co-operate with their instructors.

Maintaining a register of all groups’ participants to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

Lost property will be held on site for 1 week following the Summer Camp date. If participants have misplaced clothing in the centre, please contact us promptly. If we are able to find the item we will label it and keep it here for collection within 7 days.

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