Starfish - 5 yrs

Starfish - 5 yrs

From €250 / person
5 days
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From €250 / person
5 Days

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5 days, Monday to Friday, from 10:00am to 4:00pm

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Starfish will be kayaking and going on pirate ventures, seashore expeditions and junior challenges on our Jungle Quest Adventure course. A great introduction to watersports and to build confidence in and around the water with the guidance of our trained instructors

Starfish is suitable for non-swimmers.

Running weekly from 27th June 2022.

Swimming Togs & Towel 

Old shoes to wear on the water - runners will be fine!

Wetsuit - if you have one! We do encourage participants to come wearing wetsuits if they their own

Bag to take home wet gear

Fleece / Hoodies 

Lunch & Water  


Hand Sanitiser

All Summer Camp participants will be issued with a wetsuit on Monday morning for the week so will be taking it home with them each day. The wetsuit will be returned and signed in after the final session on Friday afternoon - remember to bring bag to take wetsuit home in. 

Note to parents: Adhering to current Goverment social distancing guidelines instructors are unale to assist kids putting on or taking off wetsuits. We may require parental assistance at the start and end of each day. If participants don't have their own wetsuits we will be allocating wetsuits for the week so participants can arrive and leave in their wetsuits.

Use of Mobile Phones is not allowed during Summer Camps and we do not have a facility for safe keeping, so we recommend that phones are left at home. If you need to contact your child please call the office and we shall deliver the message. 

Lost property will be held on site for 1 week following the Summer Camp date. If participants have misplaced clothing in the centre, please contact us promptly. If we are able to find the item we will label it and keep it here for collection within 7 days.

My child has no experience of watersports is this an issue?

It's a first time for lots of children attending camp and instructors will ensure all have a safe and enjoyable experience doing the camp

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided. Particiapnets need to bring a packed lunch and waterbottle. We do have water refill stations around the centre.

Does my child need to be a swimmer?

Swimming is not a necessity however we do recommend a confidence around the water. Non-swimmers will be give a life-jacket by their instructor, those who can swim will be given a buoyancy aid.

Do the Instructors have qualifications?

All our instructors are Irish Sailing qualified and have also completed Garda Vetting, Safeguarding and a First Aid Course. All of our instructors have completed a 2-3 year training programme (Panel) in the centre so all known personally to us - your children are in good hands.

Can my child be in a group with their friends?

If they are the same age group you can request for your child to be with the same instructor as their friend at the booking process. You can also request this on the Monday morning of camp.

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